About Lockbridge

Lock Bridge symbolizes our honour to a long-lasting tradition in the city of love, Paris…. where people across the globe lock their relationships. Typically, people would inscribe their name on the padlock and its key is thrown away in a flowing river to symbolize unbreakable relationship. In Lock Bridge, we aim to lock your relationships and bridge gaps, be it with your employees, clients, customers, loved ones, special guests, nears and dears with whom you share your success and festivities. People who are valuable to you are to be treated special and we here at Lock Bridge will walk an extra mile to help creating and preserving your unique bond. Paris may have reasons to remove this symbol of everlasting relationships, but Lock Bridge will keep the spirit alive in its own sweetened way!

We, at Lock Bridge create amazing bespoke themed and customized chocolates, corporate gifts, hampers and even those luscious assortments that fits your style and elegance. When quality and attention to detail matter, our expertise is what you need. Check out what we can do for you ethically traded, bean to chocolate of the highest quality.

Our passion is to bring the best single-origin beans into our company from across the globe where we embrace artisan methods reaching back to the 18th century – presenting batches of strong, luscious chocolate to augment taste buds. Legendary artists add their own dash of inspiration, infusing our wrappers with creative designs. Every chocolate has a story to tell. Ignite your taste buds with the real thing!

If you are interested in association with Lockbridge, please feel free to Contact us.